Company's history

“G. WELSCH, EHNI Y CIA. FOUNDED IN 1858”, was the Peruvian subsidiary of the German company EHNI & CO GEO. dedicated to sells watches, jewelry, porcelain, glass, ornaments, snuff, and, silverware handmade. 

In 1888, the director of the German parent EHNI Mr. Wilhelm Ehni, on one of his trips to Lima, participated in the creation of the Chamber of Commerce of Lima.

At the end of the century, the German parent of EHNI & CO GEO. sent the amounts for the construction of a new building, and in 1906, the building was opened on the corner of Jiron de la Union 498, one block from the Plaza Mayor. This modern building probably had the first metal from Peru brought from Germany. He had a beautiful bronze door 4.60 meters high; designed and manufactured in Stuttgart and it couldn´t be at the opening of the building, because the German government forced to first exhibited at the Museum of Applied Arts for two years.  

In 1921, with the occasion to the Centenary of the Republic, the company received an award for their important participation. For the festivities, was sent  to manufacture to the Longines factory, 3000 pocket watches  with three covers of silver  and 200 of gold , with the images of San Martin and Bolivar.

The company, throughout its long history, always encouraged and supported the gold and silver craftsmen, and this is how involved with a huge collection of Peruvian silver in world fairs, including New York in 1939.

After World War II, in 1947 the company changed its corporate name to "CASA.Welsch S.A. ", a name that remains to this day, along with the trade name" CABUCHON ".

The building Jiron de la Union, where it ran until 1991 CASA WELSCH, was declared a National Historic Monument, and the bronze clock that had the facade, served for many years to give the exact time Lima.

It is worth mentioning  that the company has been since its founding until today, a company linked to the same family during its 150 years of existence.